Coalition for Community School Excellence is guided by the following principles:

  1. Mission over Organization – The people and institutions involved must be willing and able to focus on the Coalition’s goals, rather than the immediate and particular needs of their organization or self- interests.
  2. Trust – Collective action is propelled by trust, not by clearly defined lines of authority or As such, the CCSE has an open Advisory Board consisting of members who volunteer their time to lead this work on behalf of the larger Coalition.
  3. Strength in Unity – Just as community schools are stronger schools because they tap into the diversity and expertise in their communities, the CCSE is stronger for these same As such, all members have a voice and an obligation to bring their expertise and experience to the Coalition.
  4. Teamwork over Individualism – The CCSE as a whole is the catalyst for and driver of As such, individuals on the Advisory Board operate as servant leaders for the larger Coalition and no one person or institution can succeed alone. Individual needs are met when team needs are prioritized.